Street art in Singapore and Borneo

I was hugely privileged last summer to take a family holiday to Singapore and Borneo. My husband and I were retracing the steps of our honeymoon, this time with the children (aged 14 and 12) in tow. It truly was a holiday of a lifetime, but I do hope I can revisit again one day.

Singapore is such a vibrant, modern, spotlessly clean city with a wealth of sights and tastes (amazing hawker centre food!). Kuching and Kota Kinabalu in Borneo were incredible in different ways with tropical jungle, beautiful orangutans, stunning beaches, tribal longhouses and food festivals — more unique tastes (durian churros anyone?).

I love to travel and would do it endlessly if I won the lottery, but it’s impossible to ignore the climate implications. We carbon-offset our flights and the children have ‘adopted’ a pangolin and a sea turtle. The excursions we took also supported local people in keeping cultural traditions going, such as the tribal longhouse. The sad truth is if tourists don’t visit places like this, the indigenous people will have to move into the towns and get menial jobs.

One thing I wasn’t expecting was to see so much incredible street art in all three cities. This is just a small selection:

Street Art Magic

Have you noticed any street art on your travels ? I’d love to see it! If you have any photos or travel stories drop me a line!

For more street art, check out @streetartmagic on Twitter.

Chalk street art

I also love the street art created by @matt_tieu ( in Paris, using only chalk: