Superfoodies packaging design

Superfoodies sell a variety of ‘superfoods’ to wholesalers and direct to the consumer. When they approached Arnott Design, they were using large, free-standing plastic bags with separate labels for their packaging. These were expensive to the consumer, difficult for the shops to display/stack, and not recyclable.

We helped them develop a new range of plastic-free, recyclable/reusable packaging for their products. The new packaging is easy to display and available in much smaller sizes which enabled us to create the concept of ‘a teaspoon a day’.

Each product has a new, friendly, identity including ‘Blazing Black Maca’, ‘Astounding Ashwagandha’ and ‘Sporty Spirulina’. These are all marketed under ‘a teaspoon a day’.

We worked closely with Superfoodies in the UK and Holland to research the new range of products, listening to their requirements and ensuring the solution worked for them and their customers.

“Karen is super quick in responding and delivers great work, with a great turnaround time.

I love to brainstorm with her as she always understands directly the way I want to go for our brand Superfoodies with just a couple of words or instructions.

It is a pleasure working with her. It really feels like great team work.”

Stefanie van de WalleBusiness Development Manager, Benelux & Denmark

“We have worked with Karen on a regular basis over the past seven years and she has always delivered the highest level of service.

I have worked with a wide range of designers and agencies and Karen is absolutely at the top of the league in terms of her professionalism, creativity and the fact that she is such a pleasure to work with.”

Mark LongBusiness Development Manager, UK