How we work

Whether you have a large or small design project, we are happy to hear from you.

Our clients find it useful to have a defined process, so we each know what to expect, when. Therefore, we have created processes for different types of design project, based on the needs of previous clients. Outlined below is a brief overview of how we work and our pricing structure.

Who we work with

  • Small businesses and start-ups
  • Larger companies with busy marketing departments
  • Design and communication agencies

The initial process for new clients is:

  1. Discovery call
    From your initial contact, we’ll arrange a convenient time to have a no-obligation discovery call.
  2. Short questionnaire
    If your project is large (e.g. a new visual identity, website or brochure), we may send you a short questionnaire. This will help us understand your requirements, and help you consolidate your thoughts. We will go through the questionnaire on our call and fill in any gaps.
  3. Proposal
    After our call, we’ll put together a bespoke proposal for your project, outlining the work involved, costs and an approximate timeframe.
  4. Start date
    If you decide to go ahead, we will agree a start date and schedule, and get your project booked in.